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Water Sensor Air
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The battery-operated water sensor warns you about leaking water and thus helps to prevent major water damage. Thanks to Loxone Air technology, this small sensor can be placed anywhere.

  • Warns immediately when water is detected
  • Perfect for utility rooms, basements, etc.
  • Place anywhere thanks to innovative Loxone Air Technology
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Effortless protection  from water damage

The Loxone Water Sensor Air detects leaking water quickly and informs the Miniserver. You can then be notified via phone, email, or audio system to help you react more quickly and reduce further damage.

Using smart water detection

The Water Sensor Air is ideal for use in laundry rooms, kitchens and even boiler rooms. It can quickly detect leaking water from faulty appliances and burst pipes. A small investment compared to possible future water damage.

Real time information

Whether you’re at home or away, this sensor will let you know the moment it detects water, giving you more time to react and prevent serious water damage.

Innovative Air Technology

Equipped with our own wireless technology, the Loxone Water Sensor Air can be easily integrated into your Loxone Smart Home.

Durable battery

The Loxone Water Sensor Air is powered by a button battery. Thanks to energy-saving Air technology, the estimated battery life is approximately 2 years.

Easy to install

Simply place the water sensor wherever it is needed. It is lightweight, so can also be easily mounted on a wall using adhesive tape or pads.

What’s included?

  • 1x Water Sensor Air
  • 1x CR2032 Battery
  • 1x Product Information