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Weather Service 1 Year
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This Loxone service delivers accurate weather and forecast data based on the specific location of your Miniserver:

  • Accurate weather data, accurately calculated for your location
  • Perfect for automatic blind control, temperature regulation & more
  • Numerous values, updated hourly, incl. forecasts
  • Integrated directly into the Loxone Apps
  • Simply and conveniently activated online within minutes
  • Save 40% with the 10 year service
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Price shown is the Loxone partner purchase price. This price does not include planning, installation and services.
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Accurate weather data
for your smart home

Get accurate weather data and forecasts based on your location sent directly to your Loxone Smart Home.

Our Weather Service works with calibrated data from leading weather providers worldwide. Accurate data can be calculated for your location in order to provide precise data and forecasts based on your coordinates so that your smart home can respond automatically.

All-around functionality by automation

Automatic Blinds

Automatic blinds

Your blinds will move automatically depending on the weather. In summer, they close to prevent your home overheating and in winter the solar energy is optimally used to heat the room.


In a Loxone Smart Home, you can look forward to a lush, green lawn. No more returning to a dry, crispy lawn after a summer vacation. Your home can trigger your sprinklers automatically when there’s a spell of dry weather.


Temperature regulation

You can always be one step ahead with your heating. Wintry winds on the way? Your home is well equipped to keep you warm and can regulate the temperature precisely.



You can also set up individual functions to suit your lifestyle. Always forgetting to grab a jacket and getting caught in the rain? Your Smart Home can alert you on your phone if bad weather is forecast, so you can be ready with your umbrella.

Weather App

All in the Loxone App

With full access at your fingertips, this means daily weather reports and forecasts are always visible on your smartphone.

Always thinking ahead

The Loxone Weather Service provides hourly updated weather data and forecasts up to 66 hours ahead.


Temperature & wind chill temperature


Dew point


Air pressure







Wind Speed

Wind speed

wind sock

Wind direction

Activate in just minutes

Step 1: Buy

Buy the Loxone Weather Service in the Partner Store. Your license key will be listed on your invoice.

Step 2: Activate*

Activate your service by entering the license key under “My Products” in the login area on our website.

Step 3: Personalize

Once you’re up and running, you can start personalizing your Weather Service for your geo coordinates.

*Please note
Because the weather data is retrieved from an external server, the Miniserver must be connected to the Internet in order to use the Weather Service.
USD 93.00
Excl. VAT
Price shown is the Loxone partner purchase price. This price does not include planning, installation and services.
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