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Weather Station Air
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In order for a building automated with Loxone to project itself from meteorological events, the accurate recording of weather at your location and weather forecasting is critical. Therefore, the weather station records short-term events such as wind, rain, brightness, and temperature locally in your building. The Weather Station is capable of forecasting weather 66 hours out and is the perfect solution for all-around protection.

  • Reliably measures local wind, rain, temperature and brightness
  • Calculates weather forecast for exact location
  • Directly integrated into Loxone App
  • Plug & Play: Commissioned in record time thanks to Loxone Tree and Air technology
  • Developed & designed by Loxone
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Weather Station

Accurate weather data in any season

Protecting a home or business from the elements outdoors is crucial, especially with constant access to data right outside your doorstep. The Weather Station records wind, rain, brightness and temperature at your exact location. Installation in coastal areas is not advised.

UV rays

Includes Weather Service

Each Weather Station purchase includes a 10-year subscription with our Weather Service. This service provides weather forecast information such as humidity, air pressure, wind direction and more to be displayed – up to 66 hours in advance.

UV rays
Air pressure
Temperature (+ perceived temperature)
Dew point
Wind direction
Wind speed

Positioning the Weather Station

Since the Weather Station collects various weather data, it’s best to consider which measured values are most important on a case-by-case basis. This will help determine where it should be placed.

Icon Sturmschutz
Storms often cause damage to exterior shading, such as awnings. For this reason, wind becomes easily detectable by the Weather Station without being affected by trees, walls, etc.
Icon Temperatur
In order to accurately detect brightness, the Weather Station needs to be placed in direct sunlight. However, this may skew any temperature readings. We recommend using the Weather Service for temperature monitoring.
Icon Frostschutz
Frost and moisture have the potential to cause significant damage. In order to reliable protect the building, the Weather Station needs to be able to detect any precipitation unhindered.

Using forecasts to automate functions

Icon Beschattung

With the help of radiation forecasting and temperature sensor, the building becomes protected from overheating with shading lowered automatically. Rooms will maintain comfortable temperatures effortlessly.

Icon Sturmschutz
Protect exterior shading

Once a storm is detected by measuring wind, the system will know to retract exterior shades or awnings into a safety position.

Icon Automatik-Bewässerung

The weather forecast will always play a role in automated irrigation. Plants will always be watered just right.

Icon Regen
Rain warning

Thanks to a built-in rain sensor, you will be reminded just in time to close windows. Learn more about this feature in our Use Cases.

Icon Temperatur
Temperature regulation

By accurately measuring outdoor temperature, the intelligent heating system can self-regulate the flow of temperature change in each room.

Icon Individuelle Funktionen
Customizable functions

There are unique opportunities to create unique functions too. For example, this could be a blue light activated in the foyer when it’s cold and rainy as a reminder to grab a raincoat.

Weather forecast feature

Full access in the Loxone App

The Weather Service features can be accessed right in the Loxone App on any smart device. This includes current weather forecasts and data.

Frost & storm protection

Frost protection function
Frost protection

If the external temperature falls below 32°F and precipitation is detected by the Weather Station, the movement of any exterior awnings or blinds will be paused. Frost Protection can be manually deactivated through the Loxone App, otherwise it will automatically be deactivated when the temperature rises above 50°F.

Storm protection function
Storm protection

If the Weather Station detects high wind speeds, then Storm Protection will be activated. All awnings or exterior blinds retract into a safety position. So they will essentially be deactivated. However, like Frost Protection, Storm Protection can be switched off via the Loxone App or when the wind speeds begin to lower.

Easy to install

Wetterstation Tree

Weather Station Tree

All Tree products work seamlessly together. With the most flexible, free-form topology, wiring and installation is completed quickly and easily. Significant time is saved compared to traditional systems.

Wetterstation Air

Weather Station Air

We specially developed our own wireless Air technology to create automation without needing to pull any wiring. It is an ideal solution for retrofit and renovation projects.

What’s included?

Weather Station Tree
  • Combined wall/mast bracket
  • 10-year Weather Service subscription*
  • Installation kit

*The license code can be found in your invoice.

Weather Station Air
  • 2x AA batteries
  • Combined wall/mast bracket
  • 10-year Weather Service subscription*
  • Installation kit

*The license code can be found in your invoice.