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Wrist Button Air
Item no.: 100496

The Wrist Button Air is worn comfortably on the wrist and makes it possible to quickly trigger any specified function. Full integration provides a wide range of functionality including individual alarm chains for AAL and more.

  • Fully integrated into the Loxone home or building
  • Comfortable, durable, sterile silicone band and push-button
    • Use with a range of 18mm bracelets
  • Visual and haptic click feedback
  • "Long-press" of button to avoid false triggering
  • LED activation (coming soon in the Config update this summer)
  • Splash-proof (IP 64)
  • Battery operated (CR2032 Batteries), lasts up to two years
  • No subscription required

Available for pre-order: Shipping begins in August.

Please note: Operation is dependent on the installation of a Loxone system.

USD 140.00
Does not include programming and installation by a certified Loxone Partner.
Price shown is the Loxone partner purchase price. This price does not include planning, installation and services.
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Widest range of functions for AAL and more

Get support when it matters most. The Wrist Button Air can trigger individual alarm chains, push notifications, opening of doors and more functionality. This is the most reliable, comfortable way to live with more independence and less worry.


  • Use as an emergency button in a home
  • Open & shut a roller door in a warehouse
  • Use as a panic button under a shop counter
  • Use as a service button in a restaurant
  • Use as an emergency stop button for dangerous machinery
  • And much more...

Durable and individualized

The Wrist Button Air consists of a push-button and a wristband with pressure lock – both made of robust, sterile silicone. The standard mount allows the push button to be used with common 18mm wristbands.

Loxone Explained: The Wrist Button Air

In our product video below, we're looking at the Button Air and Wrist Button Air in close detail with an overview of functionality in different settings in AAL and beyond.



Item Includes

1x Wrist Button Air
1x CR2032 battery
1x Scrwedriver