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Miniserver Go

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The Miniserver Go, based on Loxone Air technology, is the intelligent heart of your wireless smart home. 

  • Perfect for retrofitting and renovations
  • Unbeatable price:performance ratio
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • No need to pull cables
  • Communicates with up to 128 Air devices
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The Loxone
Miniserver Go –
the brain of a Real Smart Home

The Loxone Miniserver connects all components in the smart home, similar to the human nervous system. This is where all the thinking in the home takes place. It also effectively allows the individual components and devices to share information with each other. Without much cabling, all Loxone Air components can be connected directly to the central brain – the Loxone Miniserver Go. This is thanks to the integrated Loxone Air radio technology, making it ideal for renovation and retrofit projects.

The Main Brain

With an in-built Air Base Extension, the Miniserver Go can control a myriad of Loxone Air devices. Thanks to the flexibility and expandability of Loxone Air, such devices can be including during initial installation or added at a later date.

The Miniserver Go has
the following interfaces:
  • Loxone Link
  • SD Card Slot
  • LAN Port
  • Power Supply 5VDC (USB)
  • integrated Air Base Extension

Loxone Air Technologie

Wireless smart home solution
for retrofitting and renovations

Thanks to Loxone Air technology, a smart home controlled by a Miniserver Go is expandable and future-ready. A Miniserver Go can control up to 128 Loxone Air devices with the in-built Air Base Extension. If you need to control more than this, an Air Base Extension can be added to the Miniserver Go.

The bidirectional Loxone Air technology is a game changer, especially for commissioning a smart home during a renovation or extension. In fact, where it’s not possible to pull a cable, Loxone Air is the ideal solution.



Minimal power


Flexible & Expandable

Up to 30 Extensions can be added to the Miniserver Go – offering an exceptional amount of flexibility and expandability. With this versatility, the Miniserver can meet the demands of building automation for single houses, developments, commercial, applications, and more – making it a great all-rounder.

Loxone offers a complete solution for building automation through the support of various technologies to achieve an unparalleled level of comfort. A future-ready home requires robust and reliable technology – that is why we have developed two such technologies in-house; namely Loxone Tree and Loxone Air.

Loxone Config

The most powerful of our range of Loxone software: Loxone Config. With this intuitive configuration tool, you can configure an extensive Real Smart Home in a few hours.

Loxone Apps

Control and monitor your Real Smart Home from our free Loxone Smart Home App available for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and MacOS.


1x Loxone Miniserver Go
1x USB power supply with multi-country plug adapter
1x USB A to Micro B cable (Power only)
1x Network cable
1x Industrial grade 8GB Micro-SD memory card (We advise you to only use SD cards from Loxone)

Technical Data

Including 20% VAT, excluding shipping