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The Loxone Miniserver is the main brain of a Loxone system acting as a central point of control for your home & building automation. It can look after everything from simple lighting to intelligent zoned heating control.

The Miniserver has:

  • 8 Digital Outputs
       - max. 250VAC/10A cosφ=1
       - max. 30VDC/10A
  • 8 Digital Inputs 6VDC ... 24VDC
  • 4 Analogue Inputs 0-10V
  • Loxone Link interface (max. 30 Extensions)
  • Loxone Tree interface (max. 50 Tree devices) + Tree Intercommunication
  • LAN Connection (IPv4/IPv6, SSL, 100Mbps)
  • Power supply interface 19.2VDC ... 30VDC (PELV)
  • DIN rail mounting (9 TE)

Works with Apple HomeKit

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Interface layout of the Loxone Miniserver

LAN Connection
– IPv4/IPv6

SD Card Slot
– Industrial grade 8GB Micro-SD memory card

8x Digital Inputs 24VDC with new push-in technology

4x Analogue Inputs 0-10V with new push-in technology

Power Supply 19.2VDC … 30VDC

Loxone Link interface (max. 30 Extensions)

Loxone Tree interface (max. 50 Tree devices)
+ Tree Intercommunication

8 Digital Outputs
– max. 250VAC/10A cosφ=1
– max. 30VDC/10A

Flexible & Expandable

Up to 30 Extensions can be added to the Miniserver via the Loxone Link – offering an exceptional amount of flexibility and expandability. With this versatility, the Miniserver can meet the demands of building automation for single houses, developments, commercial buildings, customer applications, and more – making it a great all-rounder.

Loxone Link Technology
The Loxone Link is an internal, proprietary interface used to expand a Loxone system. Link connects cabinet-based Extensions to the Miniserver.

Peripherals in record time
The award-winning Loxone Tree Technology is a free-form wiring topology; reducing the cable required to create automation by up to 80% – whether in a smart home, commercial building or custom application.

Wireless solutions for retrofit
Loxone Air is a purpose-developed wireless technology that allows for the creation of automation in installations that may not present the chance to pull cables.


1x Loxone Miniserver
1x 120 Ohm Terminating Resistor for Link
1x Product Insert
1x Loxone Sticker

1x Industrial grade 8GB Micro-SD memory card (We advise you to only use SD cards from Loxone)
1x Tree installation tool (used when pressing the Tree cable into the clamps of a Valve Actuator Tree)