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Motion Sensor
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The motion sensor is one of the most important sensors in a Loxone system; it provides the foundation for automating key functions such as lighting, alarms, music, heating and more:

  • Reliably detects movement
  • High detection range of 360 ° with 110 ° viewing angle (gives 8m detection diameter at a ceiling height of 3m)
  • Integrated brightness sensor (0.045-188,000 Lux)
  • Flexible cabling and easy commissioning thanks to Loxone Tree Technology
  • Fully upgradeable with free software updates
  • Stable mounting plate for easy installation on ceiling or wall
  • Very good price / performance ratio
  • Available in white or anthracite

New: Presence Sensor Air & Tree

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That's because we've recently transitioned to the Presence Sensor which offers the same functionality as the Motion Sensor, with some added benefits. View the Presence Sensor.

A must-have for every room

Designed to be installed in every room, the motion sensor offers lots of useful functionality in a Loxone system. This way, many daily tasks, such as turning on the lights, no longer need to be manually carried out.

Lighting: Lights that automatically come on at different times and at different brightness levels, according to your schedule. No more fumbling in the dark for the light switch.

Music: Love an upbeat playlist to accompany your morning shower? Prefer relaxing jazz whilst soaking in the tub? Loxone has got you covered the moment you walk into the bathroom.

Burglar Alarm: Your Motion Sensor can also be a sentinel, keeping watch over your property when you’re not there. Should an uninvited guest make their way in, you’ll be notified immediately.

Heating: Has everyone left? The Motion Sensor will lower the heating automatically to save energy.

Energy Saving: Kids left the TV on again and left the room? The Motion Sensor will signal the Miniserver to switch off electricity-hungry devices left on or on standby if there’s no-one in the room.

Much More: There are many other uses for the Motion Sensor. Receive alerts if your children get up in the middle of the night, check if the neighbour is really watering your plants whilst you’re away…it’s completely up to you.

Intelligent technology, elegant design
Thanks to its design, the motion detector stays discreetly in the background of every room. In the foreground, on the other hand, lies the intelligent technology.
  • High Detection Range: Panoramic views: 360° field of detection and 110° viewing angle (gives 8-metre detection radius for 3-5 metre ceiling height).

  • Brightness sensor: High-quality brightness sensor with a measuring range from 0.045 lux to 188,000 Lux.

  • Loxone technology: Easy integration and full upgradeability thanks to integrated Loxone technology. 

Easy installation
With the fibre-reinforced mounting plate, the Motion Sensor can be easily and securely mounted on the ceiling, wall, as well as any standard flush-mounted box (68mm). Thanks to Loxone Air and Tree technology, it takes mere minutes to configure in Loxone Config. 
Technical Details
 Type  Tree  Air
 Power Supply   9 – 28VDC SELV  2x AA Batteries or
 External power supply (24VDC)
 Power Consumption    24VDC ~115mW  
 ca. ~150µW, 24V DC: ~85mW

 Detection Range  360° Detection area,
 110° Viewing angle
 360° Detection area,
 110° Viewing angle
 Integrated Brightness Sensor   Yes  Yes
 Frequency  -

 868MHz (SRD band Europe)

 915MHz (ISM Band Regio 2)

 Battery life  -  Up to 2 Years
 Protection class  IP20  IP20
 Operating temperature  0 – 55°C  0 – 55°C
 Relative humidity  95% r.H.  95% r.H.
 Diameter  95mm  95mm
 Height  18mm without Fresnel lens   18mm without Fresnel lens 
 Recommended installation height   2.5 – 3.5m  2.5 – 3.5m
 Maximum installation height  5M  5M

*The detection area becomes larger the higher the motion sensor is installed, however, the detection density and sensitivity are reduced at the same time.

Motion Sensor Tree Datasheet

Motion Sensor Air Datasheet

What's in the box?

Motion Sensor Tree

  • 1x Motion Sensor Tree
  • 1x Mounting Plate
  • Sticker to cover the Fresnel lens for the delineation of the detection range

Motion Sensor Air

  • 1x Motion Sensor Air
  • 1x Mounting Plate
  • Sticker to cover the Fresnel lens for the delineation of the detection range