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Encrypted NFC Smart Tags
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The new Encrypted NFC Smart Tags are a secure and practical accessory for the NFC Code Touch as part of an access control solution. Even if your home doesn't have the NFC Code Touch, these encrypted smart tags are great to have around your home.

  • Can be used with the NFC Code Touch for smart access control.
  • Lighting-fast navigation in the Loxone Smart Home App for lighting, shading, etc.
  • Stick it on a wall, on furniture, or even in your car.
  • Easily create a command from within the Loxone Smart Home App and save it to a tag.
  • Features secure encryption similar to that of a bank card.
  • Includes 10x self-adhesive NFC tags made up of various sizes - label them to suit your needs with the permanent marker included.
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NFC Smart Tags – Convenient and Secure

Add more functionality to your Loxone Smart Home with these encrypted NFC Smart Tags and your NFC-enabled Android device. This pack includes 10 tags; 4 of which have a key symbol on them – the remaining 6 can be labeled with the included permanent marker. Regardless of what’s on the label, you can completely customize the function a tag triggers. Here are some ideas:

An NFC Tag on your car dashboard would allow you to close the garage door behind you as you leave for work in the mornings by simply tapping your phone to the tag.
A secure yet more convenient way to unlock your front door in combination with the NFC Code Touch.
Use an NFC tag in the entrance hall to easily activate the alarm system before you leave home.
Switch Off
A quick touch of the NFC tag in the hallway could switch off the lights and kill the power to devices and appliances on standby.
Activate your favorite playlists easily with the NFC tag next to the mirror in the bathroom.
App Navigation
Label your NFC tags with the included permanent marker to indicate the set app position. For example, ‘Lighting’ to navigate to the relevant position in the app.

Smart Access Control

Fancy carrying around a big bunch of keys? Probably not. The encrypted NFC Smart Tags can take care of opening your gate and garage or even unlocking the door.

Thanks to the NFC reader integrated into the NFC Code Touch, you can use a combination of these NFC tags and codes to create a highly encrypted and feature-rich access solution.

How It Works

With your phone unlocked, simply hold it over an encrypted NFC Smart Tag and it will navigate to the right place in the app and perform the desired action.

Simple Setup

It’s easy to configure these handy little tags in the Loxone Smart Home App. We’ll show you how.

STEP 1: Open App
Open the Loxone Smart Home App. Under Settings, go to “NFC”

STEP 2: Select Action
Choose whether you want the Smart Tag to perform an action or be a shortcut to a specific part of the App.

STEP 3: Save
Navigate to the desired position or function within the App and save it.

STEP 4: Scan & Go.
Now simply scan your Smart Tag and you’re done! You can go ahead and place it in your desired location.

Enable Smart Lock on your Android device. This allows you to unlock your mobile device automatically when trusted locations or devices have been detected. If you make your NFC Tag a trusted device, you will be able to activate the tag without unlocking your phone (providing your phone is ‘awake’).


The non-techie stuff:
The encryption of our NFC tags is similar to the secure encryption of a chipped bank card – so they are very secure.

If not encrypted, a bank card could be easily scanned and read (like when in close proximity to other people on the tube for example). However, with the special encryption this can’t happen so no one could scan your details and access your home as a result.

For the techies:
It is a 16 or 32 bit CRC, Common Criteria Certificate EAL4+ (the hardware and software), with random key generation and DES with up to 168bit and AES with 128bit encryption.

Set Of Durable Encrypted NFC Smart Tags

This pack includes 10 self-adhesive encrypted NFC Smart Tags in different sizes – both with and without the key icon. They are made of durable PVC material and they can be labelled with the permanent marker included in the pack. With a diameter of 40mm or 50mm and a thickness of just 1mm, they can be conveniently positioned.

Technical Details

40 / 50 mm – 1.57 / 1.97″
PVC (3M Adhesive surface on back)
13.56MHz (encrypted)
ISO/IEC-Support: ISO 14443; ISO 7816
16 or 32bit CRC, Common Criteria Certificate EAL4+ (Hardware and Software), random key generation, DES up to 168bit and AES with 128bit encryption
2048 Bytes
40 / 50 mm – 1.57 / 1.97″
Because of an included ferrite layer, the NFC smart tags can be used on metallic surfaces.


  • 4x NFC labelled stickers with key icon (2x 40mm and 2x 50mm diameter)
  • 6x NFC plain stickers (3x 40mm and 3x 50mm diameter)
  • 1x permanent marker