LED Spot WW Weiß Zoom
LED Spot WW PWM White
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With these LED Spots WW, installation is just as easy for you as it is for the lighting to adjust on its own. This DC powered, 24V light is an ideal building block to any lighting design, making it easier to win more projects of varying sizes.

  • Focused warm white light
  • Low installation profile (40mm)
  • Suitable for damp locations indoors (IP 20)
  • ETL listed
  • UL certified
  • CRI 90+
  • Average lifespan (up to 25 years)
  • Smooth dimming curve
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Individually configurable LED Spots

With Loxone’s LED Spots WW, you can expect the ideal lighting output for any room with lighting that adjusts on its own. These lights integrate flexibly along with any of Loxone’s DC powered, low-voltage lighting or even any third-party, high-voltage fixtures – individually controlled or grouped as needed. Now that’s flexibility to adapt to any lighting needs.

Ambient, task or accent lighting

These LED Spots offer a wide range of functionality in any setting to improve comfort, productivity, and all-around well-being.

Maximum energy efficiency


for the perfect warm-white light


rating for energy-efficiency

25 000

operating hours for a long life span.

Lighting moods in any room


Start your morning routine with lighting that mimics natural daylight. 

Living Room

Lights measure levels of ambient light and know when to adjust accordingly.


Cook and entertain with warm white lighting at full brightness or dimmed. 

Soft, gentle dimming

The time of day, use of a room, occasion and more all call for different lighting. The built-in dimmer delivers a dimming curve that is considerably smoother than that of conventional dimming methods.


Conventional dimming behaviour (DMX) 8 bit 256 steps


Loxone LED Spot 16 Bit 65536 Steps*

*Requires at least Version 10 of Loxone Config.

How many LED Spots do you need?

It is important to install the correct number of LED spots suitable to the room size to get the maximum benefit of our smart lighting. In a basic room configuration, we recommend the following number of LED spots based on square footage:

50 ft²
500 ft²


* for this guideline we are working to a ceiling height of 8.5ft and a light level intensity for basic lighting at table height (200 lux for warm white light)

Simplify pre-wiring

Specially developed for our LED Spots, our Spot Rough-In Mount simplifies lighting installations even further. With snap-in construction, spots can be easily located and aligned before drywall is installed. The Spot Rough-In Mount is also compatible with the Flush-mounted Presence Sensor Tree, which forms the basis of automation, detecting motion, sound and brightness levels.

Spot rough-in mount

Use just one Tree Cable

Loxone Tree Cable does it all – it’s suitable for handling all communication between Tree products as well as supplying power to the respective periphery devices.  

What’s included?

1 x LED Spot WW

4 x Connectors

USD 66.00
Excl. VAT
Price shown is the Loxone partner purchase price. This price does not include planning, installation and services.
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