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Home automation is finally easy and reliable with the Loxone Miniserver. As the core of the Loxone solution, the Miniserver communicates instantly to all smart home products to accomplish tasks around the house, from simple shading to individual room control and so much more. The Miniserver learns and thinks for you based on your presence, lifestyle and outdoor weather.

  • Brain of the Loxone Smart Home
  • Multiple inputs/outputs
  • Free smart home app & web interface
  • Free configuration software
  • Operate using Touch switches, smartphone, PC,...

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The center of a Loxone Smart Home

In a Loxone Smart Home, everything is managed like the human central nerve center. With the Miniserver – from switches and simple sensors, to lighting, heating, and even complex systems such as solar – everything is brought together centrally. This allows for simpler control and more intelligent automation of your home.

The Center of a Loxone Smart Home

Unbeatable value for your money

With numerous inputs and outputs and interfaces onboard, you can connect many devices directly to the Miniserver. With a 24V power supply and expert installation by a qualified Loxone partner, the Miniserver is ready for use! The Miniserver provides:

  • 8 relay outputs – eg. for connection of 4 blinds or 8 lighting circuits
  • 8 digital inputs for connecting switches, door/window contacts and more
  • 4 analog inputs for connecting temperature sensors, humidity sensors and more
  • 4 analog outputs, for example for connecting analog actuators
  • LAN interface for control of network devices such as a TV or PV inverter
  • KNX interface for integration of KNX Sensors
Miniserver Feature Connections

Flexible & extendable

Through the Loxone Link, you can extend your smart home with additional ports and capabilities. Up to 30 extensions can be connected to a Miniserver, making it flexible and expandable.

You can expand your Miniserver with the DMX Extension for digital light control, the 1-Wire Extension for integration of cheaper sensors or an iButton access solution, the Air Base Extension to make use of our in-house radio technology for wireless integration of Loxone Air appliances, and so much more.

Free software updates & app

Free Software Updates and More
Loxone Smart Home App & web interface

Control and manage your Loxone Smart Home with our free app for iOS and Android or via the web interface.

Loxone Config

Our most powerful software, the free Loxone Config is a fully comprehensive smart home configuration software. Configure a Loxone Smart Home according to its residents needs in less time than other solutions out there.

Loxone Mail Service

Loxone Mailer Service

Always informed when it mattters.

Loxone DNS Service

Loxone DNS Service

Enjoy remote access to your home via DNS at no extra cost.

Loxone OS

Loxone OS

The world’s first and most powerful smart home operating system.

Advice and Support

Advice & Support

Free initial consultation for your Smart Home Project & free technical support.

Easy configuration

There’s no need for extra programming or coding knowledge. That’s right. Loxone Config is a simple drag-and-drop configuration software that’s intuitive and quick to use. You won’t find a helpful tool like this anywhere else.

Easy Configuration
Certified by NRTL

Certified by NRTL

Loxone upholds to the highest quality standards for the products we offer. Therefore our Miniserver is tested by OSHA’s Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program. Similar to the UL certificate, the NRTL certificate guarantees that our products exceeds the requirement of electrical standards throughout the US. Be assured that you are receiving the best quality products that meet the highest safety standards.

Installed professionally
by a Loxone Partner

Loxone solutions are designed to be installed by a professional. Our Loxone Partners have been trained by us and are Loxone Smart Home experts. Find a Partner in your area for professional advice:

Installation by a Loxone Partner

Technical data

Power supply:

24V power connector

Digital outputs:

8 digital outputs (relays) 250V AC 5A

Digital inputs:

8 digital inputs 24V DC (SELV)

Analog outputs:

4 analog outputs 0-10V DC

Analog inputs:

4 analog inputs 0-10V DC

Dimensions (WxHxD):

156 x 88 x 57mm (T9 housing) / 6.14 x 3.46 x 1.89 in

Loxone Link for connecting Loxone Extensions

LAN port

KNX/EIB Connector

Compact design for DIN rail mounting

What’s included?

  • 1x Loxone Miniserver
  • 1x 120 Ohm Resistor
  • 1x Quick Start Guide and wiring diagram
  • 1x Loxone Pocket Guide
  • 1x Loxone Sticker
  • 4GB Micro-SD card included