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Home automation is finally easy and reliable with the Loxone Miniserver. As the core of the Loxone solution, the Miniserver communicates instantly to all smart home products to accomplish tasks around the house, from simple shading to individual room control and so much more. The Miniserver learns and thinks for you based on your presence, lifestyle and outdoor weather.

  • Brain of the Loxone Smart Home
  • Multiple inputs/outputs
  • Free smart home app & web interface
  • Free configuration software
  • Operate using Touch switches, smartphone, PC,...

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Loxone Miniserver:
the center of the Real Smart Home

Loxone intelligently connects all components in the smart home, similar to how a human nervous system operates. The Miniserver reliably communicates when tasks should be performed by devices – all relating to comfort, safety and energy efficiency in the smart home. It learns your behaviors and needs while considering your presence, weather and seasons to create the best possible living experience within your smart home.

Der Loxone Miniserver – die Zentrale im Real Smart Home

Loxone verbindet alle Komponenten im intelligenten Zuhause, ähnlich dem menschlichen Nervensystem. Alle stränge laufen zusammen zur zentralen Steuerung, dem Loxone Miniserver.
Er lässt die einzelnen Komponenten und Geräte regelrecht miteinander sprechen und erledigt die meisten Aufgaben in puncto Sicherheit, Komfort und Energieeffizienz von selbst. Durch dieses perfekte Zusammenspiel antizipiert der Miniserver Gewohnheiten, Wünsche und Bedürfnisse der Bewohner und ermöglicht so Wohnkomfort ohnegleichen.

Connect to the main brain

With several inputs, outputs and interfaces, you can connect many devices directly to each Miniserver. 

Interfaces include:
  • SD card slot
  • LAN interface
  • 8x digital inputs 8VDC – 24VDC
  • 4x analog 0-10V inputs
  • 4x analog 0-10V outputs (max. 20mA)
  • KNX/EIB interface
  • Power supply 24VDC
  • Loxone Link
  • 8x digital outputs 250V/5A

Flexible & expandable

The Loxone Minserver can be extended individually and with full flexibility through its Loxone Link interface. Up to 30 extensions can be connected to one Miniserver. Whether you’re planning for a private home or commercial project, the Loxone Miniserver is the reliable foundation you need to get started.

Loxone Tree Technology

New smart homes ready in record time

We developed Tree technology with a clear goal in mind: to reduce cabling and installation effort. This makes it surprisingly easy to integrate any Loxone Tree components such as any spots or Touch switches.

Up to 80%
less cabling.

Save time on
installation – time
is money!

Designed 100%
for the Loxone
Smart Home.

Loxone Air Technology

Best smart home solution for renovations

The possibilities of Air technology go a long way, especially for those who would like to renovate or refurbish. In any situation where you don’t want to pull cables, Loxone Air technology is the answer.

Free updates.

Fully encrypted communication.

Minimal energy


Loxone Config

With this powerful software, you can configure an extensive Real Smart Home in just a few hours. The best part? No additional programming! 

Loxone App

Control and monitor any smart home function or room with our free Loxone Smart Home App for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and MacOS.

What’s included?

1x Loxone Miniserver
1x 120 Ohm terminating resistor
1x Instructions
2x Loxone Sticker
1x 4GB Micro-SD card included (Please use only an SD card from Loxone)

Technical data