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Room Comfort Sensor

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The must-have for optimum indoor climate in your own four walls: the indoor climate sensor. Precisely measures temperature, humidity, and CO2 - and passes this information on to the Smart Home for perfect room climate around the clock.

  • accurately measures temperature, humidity, and CO2
  • Must-have for optimized room climate
  • 100% developed for the Loxone Smart Home
  • Installation and commissioning in record time
  • timeless, simple design

The product is available from September 25th - pre-order now!

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The must-have for optimal indoor climate

Just like in the outside world, the climate in your home has a significant impact on your health and well-being. If you think about it, most of us spend half of our lives cooped up inside binge-watching Netflix, all the while paying little or no attention to the indoor climate we are living in every day. So how do we make sure we are living our best lives and staying healthy inside the confines of our homes? That’s easy; optimize room temperature, humidity levels, and monitor air quality.

With the help of our new Room Comfort Sensor, the Loxone Smart Home reliably records all essential data relating to temperature, humidity, and CO2 – ensuring optimal room climate around the clock and setting your mind at ease.

Realize the full potential of the Room Comfort Sensor by coupling it with version 10 of our software. Both available in September! Order the Room Climate Sensor today and get back to doing you.

Perfect climate for every room

Place the indoor climate sensor anywhere you frequently use ventilation.

Perfect for every room

Place the indoor climate sensor anywhere you frequently use ventilation


Some of us work in our office, while others utilize the space to play Starcraft (why not both?). Either way, concentration here is imperative. That’s why it’s best to have a constant flow of fresh air to keep your head clear. 


Fresh air and optimal temperatures help to support regeneration during sleep. Plus it keeps you feeling fresh.


The hot shower in the morning: Instead of opening the window afterward, the Smart Home automatically regulates temperature, humidity, and air quality.

Adjusts your environment, no matter where

No matter where you place the room climate sensor – it discreetly measures and adjusts the climate.

Full App

With the added value of the sensor, the Loxone Smart Home ensures the optimal climate for individual well-being.

However, if you feel the need to change the room temperature, you simply adjust it on your smartphone or tablet. *

* Full app support available with software version 10

Commissioned in record time

Thanks to Loxone Tree technology, the indoor climate sensor is installed and commissioned in just a few minutes.

All Tree products are plug-and-play and work perfectly with all Loxone components. Use the Tree variant wherever you can easily wire.

Technical Data

Power Supply 9..28VDC SELV
Power Consumption  Power supply
typ. 150mW, max. 160mW
Measuring Range Temperature -40…257°F(-40…125°C)
Measuring Range Humidity 0…100% r. H. (non-condensing)
Measuring Range CO2 400ppm – 10.000ppm
+/- 80ppm
Ambient Temperature -4..131°F(-20…55°C)
Protection Class IP20
Dimensions  2.15in x 2.15in x .7in without frame
3.15in x 3.15in x .7in with frame
(55mm x 55mm x 18mm without frame)
(80mm x 80mm x 18mm
with frame)
Dokumentation  Download


  • 1x room climate sensor tree
  • 1x 1-fold frame
  • 1x wall mount