• NFC Code Touch

    Item no.: nfc-code-touch
    The perfect access control solution. The NFC Code Touch for control of your door, gate, garage and alarm.
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  • Caller Service 1 Year

    Item no.: 100027

    Get notified when it matters! Using the caller service your Miniserver can place calls and lets you respond immediately (DTMF).

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  • Caller Service 10 Years

    Item no.: 100202

    Information when you need it! With the Caller Service, you can receive calls with important updates about your home:

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  • Alarm Siren

    Item no.: alarm-siren

    A fantastic addition to the smart security features in your Loxone Smart Home

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  • Tree Cable (200m)

    Item no.: 100394

    The all-in-one cable for Tree devices - you’ll be able to install and commission Loxone products quicker than ever before. 

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  • Smoke Detector Air

    Item no.: 100142
    The smoke detector with integrated Loxone Air technology for more security in your Loxone Smart Home.
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  • Motion Sensor

    Item no.: motion-sensor

    With the Loxone Motion Sensor, your Loxone Smart Home can reliably detect motion and brightness. As one of the most important sensors in the smart home, it provides information for useful features like alarms, lighting and energy saving.

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  • Window & Door Contact

    Item no.: 200113

    Contacts that register the opening and closing of windows and door in your Smart Home.

    When the window is closed = contact closed.
    When the window is open = contact open.

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  • Window Handle Air

    Item no.: 100177
    The battery powered Window Handle Air quickly and reliably detects open, closed or tilted windows and also has a vibration sensor to detect forced entry in the event of a break-in.
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  • Door & Window Contact Air

    Item no.: door-window-contact-air

    The battery powered Door & Window Contact Air quickly and reliably detects open or closed windows and doors. Seamlessly integrated into the Loxone Smart Home, it can be used for a range of clever security and energy saving functions.

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  • Water Sensor Air

    Item no.: 100211
    The battery-operated water sensor warns immediately from leaking water and thus helps to prevent major water damage. Thanks Loxone Air technology of small sensor can be placed anywhere.
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  • Weather Station

    Item no.: weather-station

    Measure and forecast wind, rain, temperature, solar irradiation and more!

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  • NFC Smart Tags

    Item no.: 200281

    With the new NFC Smart Tags, you can activate all your favourite Smart Home functions without opening up the App. Simply hold your Android device near one of the tags to trigger various actions around your home or open the app to a particular position.

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  • Nano DI Tree

    Item no.: 100242

    This is the Nano DI Tree and it fits easily into any back box - making it easier to use third-party switches and sensors in a Loxone Smart Home.

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  • DI Extension

    Item no.: 100283

    With the DI Extension, you can now easily add 20 digital inputs to a Loxone installation.

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  • Encrypted NFC Smart Tags

    Item no.: 200316

    The new encrypted NFC Smart Tags combined with the NFC Code Touch creates a feature-rich access control solution for your smart home.

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  • NFC Key Fob Set - Pack of 10

    Item no.: 200318

    Enjoy easy and fast access control via the NFC Code Touch with the small, rugged key fob. The NFC Key Fob is a safe and convenient way to enter your Loxone Smart Home.


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  • Outside Motion Sensor (24V)

    Item no.: 200112

    Esylux RC230i UC motion detector with 230° field of view and a large range. Special bracket included for mounting on both walls and ceilings.

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