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For your customers' designer smart home: The Loxone Touch Pure CO₂ in an elegant, frameless design with a sensitive, high-quality real glass surface. For simple and intuitive operation of lighting, shading and other central functions.

  • made of high-quality, satined real glass
  • ceramic-finished surface for zero fingerprints
  • with built-in orientation light
  • with temperature and humidity sensor
  • with integrated CO₂ sensor for monitoring the air quality
  • Recommended mounting height: 135 cm
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Exclusivity has a name: Touch Pure

Made for those who enjoy the finer things in life! Meticulously designed and crafted from carefully selected, high-quality materials, our refined Pure product range has been designed to meet even the most exacting standards.

Operation has never been so easy

We’ve put a lot of time, care and attention into the development of the latest Touch Pure – the result is a sophisticated and intuitive concept for control from just five touchpoints.

We recommend the large, centre touchpoint for lighting, and the outer corner touchpoints on the left and right for shading and music respectively. However, it does not have to be configured like this.

PS: Control is not only at your fingertips with the Touch Pure. Placing the palm of your hand will also control the centre touchpoint.

Temperature, humidity & new CO2 sensor

In addition to the temperature and humidity sensor, the Touch Pure CO2 Tree is also equipped with a carbon dioxide sensor. In this way, the intelligent Loxone system automatically ensures a comfortable room climate by regulating temperature and ventilation without any additional sensors. In case of a fire, your customers are alerted immediately. In addition, air quality in the room is monitored and with this you can automate the ventilation, for example.

Straightforward Installation

Thanks to Loxone Air and Tree technology, the Loxone Touch Pure can be installed and commissioned in record time for wired and wireless applications – making it great for both retrofits and new builds. Plus, the Touch Pure can be installed without a backbox which makes it more suitable for different installations.

Montage Touch Pure von Loxone

The right technology for each application

Loxone Touch Pure Tree

The Loxone Touch Pure Tree and all other Tree products are designed with an element of plug-and-play when used with other Loxone components; this plus its flexible Tree wiring topology, mean this device can be up-and-running in no time.

Loxone Touch Pure Air

Ideal if you’re wanting to add some feature-rich intelligent switch control to somewhere you don’t have the option of chasing cables. This is a great option for extensions and retrofitting with various options of power sources.

Loxone Touch Pure for Nano

The variant “for Nano” was developed to be used in combination with a Loxone Nano IO Air or Loxone Nano Dimmer Air. Simply attach the Nano to the back of the Loxone Touch to power it, no batteries needed.

The Touch Pure variants

Loxone Touch Pure Tree Loxone Touch Pure Air Loxone Touch Pure for Nano
Battery 24V
Suitable for New Build Retrofit Retrofit Retrofit
Power Supply 24VDC 2x AAA Batteries 24VDC via Nano IO or Nano Dimmer Air
Sensors Temperature and Humidity (CO2 optional) Temperature and Humidity Temperature and Humidity -
T5 Standard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Click Feedback Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backlight Yes No Yes Yes

Scope of delivery

Touch Pure Tree:

  • 1x Touch Pure CO2
  • 1x Instruction leaflet
  • 1x mounting frame

Technical data