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LED Ceiling Light RGBW Tree Anthracite
Item No.: 100289

With its built-in motion and brightness sensors, the full-colour LED Ceiling Light is a powerful all-rounder that can conspicuously fulfil the requirement of smart lighting.

  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Integrated brightness sensor
  • Timeless design housing the latest technology
  • High lumen output
  • Uniform spread of light with diffuser
  • Smooth, gentle dimming curve
  • Available in white or anthracite finish
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A simple solution for beautiful lighting

Let there be light! For more than a hundred years the simple light bulb has transformed the way we live. Fast forward to the age of automation with the Loxone Ceiling Light. When done correctly, lighting has the ability to enrich our lives.

The new Loxone Ceiling light presents a simple solution for beautiful lighting in almost any room. It is equally as versatile as it is subtle by fusing together the latest technology and timeless design.

The perfect ambience
– for any occasion

The all-round Ceiling Light
– designed for home & building automation

Whether your room should glow in warm, white light or shine in atmospheric colourful lighting is up to you. The intensity can also be adjusted to your personal needs – from bright to discreetly in the background. The ceiling light serves every aspect of a demanding lighting concept.

But brilliant lighting is not only about practicality. It can also be used as a smart alarm clock or silent doorbell – there are so many more possibilities than simply light.

Integrated motion sensor
– a must-have in every room

A motion sensor is integral to automate features which truly benefit the occupants. With the use of the Loxone Ceiling Light, there is no need for a separate motion sensor as it is already integrated into the luminaire.


No more fumbling around in the dark. With Loxone, the motion sensors play an important part in automating the lighting. As soon as you enter a room it measures the light levels, and if necessary the appropriate lighting mood for that time of day or night will turn on. The motion sensor in the Ceiling Light can offer this intelligent control for every other Loxone lighting element in the room.

Burglar Alarm

Protection for you and your family. The built-in motion sensor can detect potential intruders. If an unwanted guest is detected then Loxone will take action by flashing the lights and playing loud audio to deter the intruder. Of course, if this happens and you aren’t in then you will get a notification on your phone.

Multiroom Audio

Hearing your favourite song is a great way to start your day. When you enter your bathroom in the morning your favourite radio station or playlist can begin to play.

Much more

Designed specifically for home & building automation, there are many more features waiting to be discovered. Think of a smart night light – in the case of you having to get up in the middle of the night, soft, dimmed light can guide your way to the kitchen for that midnight snack.

Great light for almost any room

Whether you want soft dimmed light; bright, warm white; or colourful light – or perhaps you want to use the Ceiling Light as a nightlight or for task lighting. Thanks to its versatility it adapts perfectly to each and every one of your needs. The Ceiling Light presents the ideal lighting solution for almost every room.

Child’s Bedroom
Many more

Ideal in rooms from 1m² – 20m²

One light – many possibilities. Especially in small rooms; this all-rounder can shine bright – and efficiently become the source of ambient, task or accent lighting.

Small size – big power

The powerful LEDs of the Loxone Ceiling light can provide sufficient light for many situations and occasions. At its brightest it is comparable to a 130 watt light bulb.

Whether it’s a new build or renovation…

The right technology for the job. Thanks to Loxone Air and Tree Technology the Ceiling Light can be installed and commissioned with ease. The Loxone Ceiling light is available in two variations:

The award-winning Loxone Tree Technology is a free-form wiring topology; reducing the cable required to create automation – whether in a smart home, commercial building or custom application. If the installation presents the opportunity to pull cables, then the Tree variant is the way to go. An ideal option for new builds.

Loxone Air is a purpose-developed wireless technology that allows for the creation of automation in installations that may not present the chance to pull cables. Our wireless range of products offer intuitive automation and control without compromising on functionality, making Air the perfect solution for retrofitting and renovation projects.

Exclusive Design

Latest technology meets timeless design. Choose between the two colour options, white and anthracite, and perfectly match your decor or have it stand out.

Smooth, even light

200 individual LEDs ensure plentiful warm white and rich colourful light. Thanks to a high-quality diffuser, the light is evenly distributed throughout the room. This also ensures that the individual LEDs are not distinguishable.

Integrated Brightness Sensor

In addition to the motion sensor, the Loxone Ceiling light also includes a brightness sensor. This measures existing light levels in a room to determine whether or not additional lighting is needed. This intelligent combination makes the Loxone Ceiling Light a feature-rich product for your home or commercial premises.

Wide field of view
Everything in view: 360° field of view and 110° beam angle (which corresponds to a 8m detection diameter at a 3m ceiling height). Adjustable sensitivity of 4 levels.

Brightness sensing
High-quality brightness sensor with a measuring range from 0.045 Lux to 188,000 Lux.

Loxone Technology
The Loxone Ceiling Light is available with Air and Tree Technology. Perfectly suited for retrofitters and renovators. Easily integrated and future-proof.


When it comes to materials and design we handle them the same way we do technology – we do not make compromises when it comes to the quality of our products. Therefore our high-quality aluminium casing gets sheathed with a high-quality powder coating.

Available in white and anthracite the Ceiling Light can complement many an interior. Either as an understated luminaire or the center of attention.

Developed specifically for home & building automation

The Ceiling Light has been developed at our Loxone Lighting competence centre to ensure 100% compatibility with our holistic automation solution.

Maximum energy-efficiency

The Loxone LED Ceiling Light enables you to choose from various colour schemes to match your rooms and your mood. The various tones ensure a pleasant ambience for every occasion. Separate channels for red, green, blue and warm white ensure every scheme is rich in colour – whilst protecting the environment and your electricity bill.


rating for energy-efficient


for the perfect warm-white light


of colour combinations for impressive lighting


operating hours for a long life span.

Soft, gentle dimming

With built-in dimmer technology, the LED Ceiling Light features a dimming curve that is smoother, more gentle and softer than conventional dimming.


Conventional dimming behaviour (DMX)
8 bit 256 steps

Loxone Dimmer

Loxone RGBW Dimmer Tree/Air
16 bit 65536 steps*

*Prerequisites: running at least Loxone Config Version 10 + use of smart actuators in Lighting Controller V2.

Clips into place with the magnet mounts

Thanks to the strong mounting magnets the light itself can be attached to the mounting plate without any visible screws.

Down to the smallest of details

While developing the new LED Ceiling Light from Loxone we focussed especially on the ease of the installation process. We made sure that the product would present an ease-of-installation that is streamlined and practical.

Large cable storage allowance

Specifically designed for home & building automation using Loxone

Thanks to Tree and Air technology, installing the Loxone Ceiling Light is an efficient process for Loxone Partners. The Ceiling Light is completely supported by the powerful Auto Configuration feature which presents an unparalleled ease-of-commissioning coupled with exceptional functionality.

Device identification
Select the installation location
Auto Configure

Ready-to-go in record time

This exceptional all-round light can be installed in mere minutes. Watch our brief video for an overview of the process:


  • 1x LED Ceiling Light
  • 3x Screws