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LED Spot RGBW Tree Gen 2 - White
Item no.: 100347

The US version of the RGBW LED Spot Tree offers directional warm white light and diffuse colored light to provide an incomparable lighting experience in a Real Smart Home.

Alarm Siren
Item no.: alarm-siren

The next level of security for burglary protection in the smart home.

Room Comfort Sensor Tree
Item no.: room-comfort-sensor-tree

The must-have for optimal indoor climate in the Smart Home!

Tree Cable
Item no.: 100344

The all-in-one cable for Tree devices - whether that’s motion sensors, switches or spots. With the new Tree Cable, we’re continuing to improve the ease-of-install of a Real Smart Home.

Damper Tree
Item no.: damper-tree

With this simple add-on to an existing heating and cooling system, you will have a fully-fledged self-learning and easy to use room-based climate control.

Touch Surface
Item no.: touch-surface

Extraordinary control integrated directly into your home’s hard furnishings.

Touch Pure Tree
Item no.: touch-pure-tree

Our popular touch switch has undergone a redesign to give you that extra bit of luxury. A sleek design with a silken glass finish and clean lines gives this product its name - Touch Pure.

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Our Most Popular Products

Item no.: 100166

The Loxone Music Server - designed for Smart Homes

Item no.: 100155

This capacitive push button with a touch-sensitive surface has five touch points and an integrated humidity and temperature sensor.

Item no.: 100139

The Miniserver Go is the pinnacle of our Loxone Air technology and is perfect for retrofitters who seek a secure wireless solution to Home Automation.


Item no.: 200129

The Loxone CAT 7 cable allows you to create a future-proof wiring infrastructure for your smart home.

Item no.: 100125

The new Loxone RGBW Dimmer 24V Air is the perfect lighting control for your home. Ideal for Retrofitters!

Item no.: 100114

The Air Base Extension is equipped with our very own wireless technology that is specifically tailored to the Loxone Smart Home. Absolutely perfect for Retrofitters!

Item no.: 100038

Our best selling extension, the Loxone Relay Extension: Extend your system by 14 x 16A output relays

Item no.: 100014

The 1-Wire Extension allows the incorporation of 1-Wire sensors to your system Loxone. The sensors are inexpensive and easy to install. They are ideal if you are installing many sensors.

Item no.: 100002

With the Loxone extension you can easily expand your system with additional digital and analog inputs and outputs.

Item no.: 100001

Home automation is finally easy with the Loxone Miniserver . The core of the Loxone solution accomplishes all tasks around the house, from simple shading to intelligent individual room control and so much more!

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