• Miniserver

    Item no.: 100001

    Home automation is finally easy with the Loxone Miniserver . The core of the Loxone solution accomplishes all tasks around the house, from simple shading to intelligent individual room control and so much more!

  • Miniserver Go

    Item no.: 100139

    The Miniserver Go is the pinnacle of our Loxone Air technology and is perfect for retrofitters who seek a secure wireless solution to Home Automation.


  • Touch

    Item no.: loxone-touch
    The capacitive touch switch for your smart home with a touch-sensitive surface, 5 touch zones, and integrated humidity and temperature sensor is an all-in-one dream.
  • IR Control Air

    Item no.: 100141

    With the Loxone IR Control Air, you have full control of all infrared devices under using one remote. From television and home entertainment to heating, cooling, ventilation and more!

  • Remote Air

    Item no.: 100140

    Quickly and Easily access all of your smart home features with the Loxone Remote Air!

  • Caller Service 1 Year

    Item no.: 100027

    Immediate notification when it is needed! When you have an alarm condition, the Miniserver can make and acknowledge calls when using the Caller Service.

  • Air Base Extension

    Item no.: 100114

    The Air Base Extension is equipped with our very own wireless technology that is specifically tailored to the Loxone Smart Home. Absolutely perfect for Retrofitters!