• Miniserver

    Item no.: 100001

    Building automation is finally simple with the Loxone  Miniserver.  As the central control, it communicates between each smart home product for the most efficient control and operation of your smart home or commercial building.

  • Miniserver Go

    Item no.: 100139

    The Miniserver Go is the pinnacle of our Loxone Air technology and is perfect for renovators who seek a secure wireless building automation solution for their smart home or commercial building.


  • Touch

    Item no.: loxone-touch
    The intuitive Touch switch for your smart home with a touch-sensitive surface, 5 touch points, and integrated humidity and temperature sensor all in one.
  • IR Control Air

    Item no.: 100141

    With the Loxone IR Control Air, you have full control of all infrared devices under using one remote. From television and home entertainment to heating, cooling, ventilation and more!

  • Remote Air

    Item no.: 100140

    Quickly and Easily access all of your smart home features with the Loxone Remote Air!

  • Caller Service 1 Year

    Item no.: 100027

    Immediate notification when it is needed! When you have an alarm condition, the Miniserver can make and acknowledge calls when using the Caller Service.

  • Air Base Extension

    Item no.: 100114

    The simple solution for renovating any home or commercial building with smart home technology and building automation. The Air Base Extension is flexible with Air technology.