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Nano 2 Relay Tree
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The Loxone Nano 2 Relay Tree is your solution to quickly and easily integrate shades, lights, fans, pumps and other actuators using Loxone Tree technology. The flush-mounted piece offers two digital outputs including automatic end position detection.

  • 2 digital outputs (dry contact, shared hot)
    – relays rated for 10A (max 250V)
    – total load max 12A
  • Fully automatic control of shading, lights, fans, pumps, etc..
  • Fully automatic end position detection
  • Ready to use in record time thanks to Loxone Tree technology
  • Compact design: 42 x 39 x 20.5 mm / 1.7 x 1.5 x 0.8 in
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Complete flexibility and versatility for all switching tasks

The two digital outputs enable the integration of all types of shading and even decentralized switching of lights, blinds, fans, pumps, etc.

This means you can avoid needing to run your switch circuit back to your panel – reducing cabling and installation time.

With shading, for example – whether you use electronic roller shutters, blinds, curtains or
awnings – the new flush-mounted Nano 2 Relay Tree can be easily integrated in just a few steps to start automatically lowering or raising your shades.

The digital outputs are volt-free and can handle up to 250VAC. Please note that LED lighting can present high currents.

Fully automatic shading with end position detection

The Nano 2 Relay Tree can automatically detect the end position of your shading.

The current position of the shading will be instantly and reliably displayed right in the Loxone App.

100% designed for Loxone integration

This new product works 100% with the rest of your Loxone components. Thanks to the full integration using Loxone Auto Config, the following functions are standard from day one:

Loxone Switch Standard

Frost protection

Storm protection

Central control

Automatic shading

Loxone Tree: ready in record time

The Nano 2 Relay Tree, like all other Tree products, are “plug & play” and work seamlessly with all other Loxone products. It takes just minutes to install thanks to flexible cabling.

Quick & easy installation

Compact design and long (150 mm) connection cables make it easy to install the Nano 2 Relay Tree.

Power supply

We recommend the specially developed Tree cable for power supply and Tree communication.

Search and learn

In just a few moments, you can find and identify the Nano 2 Relay Tree in the Loxone Config.


Use the Loxone Auto Config to integrate the Nano 2 Relay Tree with all shading functions.

What’s included

1x Nano 2 Relay Tree
1x Instructions