Our Extensions range from offering additional inputs and outputs for creating automation to specific interface Extensions for Internorm, DMX, DALI and more.

  • Stereo Extension

    Item no.: 100429

    The Stereo Extension adds two additional amplifier outputs to the Audioserver.

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  • RS485 Extension

    Item no.: 100011
    With the RS485 Extension you can easily expand your system to interact with other devices with an RS485 interface, for example air conditioning or ventilation units, biometric sensors, solar inverters and more.
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  • DMX Extension

    Item no.: 100012

    The DMX Extension allows you to control your lighting moods, including dimming, colour changing and fading.

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  • RS232 Extension

    Item no.: 100013

    With the RS232 Extension, you can easily expand a system to interact with other devices with an RS232 interface.

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  • 1-Wire Extension

    Item no.: 100014

    The 1-Wire Extension allows you to use 1-Wire sensors as part of your Loxone system. Using 1-Wire sensors is very cost-effective, especially in installations with large numbers of sensors.

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  • EnOcean Extension

    Item no.: 100015

    Ideal for retrofit and renovation projects. The EnOcean Extension allows you to create automation in a residential or commercial setting without having to chase walls and pull in cables.

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  • Dimmer Extension

    Item no.: 100029

    With the Loxone Dimmer Extension, you can easily dim all common 230V lamps - from conventional light bulbs to LED lamps.

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  • Relay Extension

    Item no.: 100038

    The Loxone Relay Extension is a true powerhouse and with its fourteen 16A rated relays, it will switch even the heaviest loads with ease.

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  • Air Base Extension

    Item no.: 100114

    The Air Base Extension is equipped with our very own wireless technology that is specifically developed for Loxone projects. Absolutely perfect for Retrofitters!

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  • Multi Extension Air

    Item no.: 100116

    The most versatile Extension for retrofitters: Control lighting, measure temperature, integrate access control and much more! The Multi Extension Air is a real all-rounder for creating automation with the wireless power of Loxone Air!

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  • Modbus Extension

    Item no.: 100124

    With the Modbus Extension, you can easily expand your system to interact with other devices with a Modbus interface, like gas, electricity and energy meters.

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  • Fröling Extension

    Item no.: 100158
    The new Fröling Extension makes it possible for Loxone Smart Homes to benefit from a demand-driven boiler control system.
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  • DALI Extension

    Item no.: 100200

    The DALI Extension enables the flexible and intelligent control of DALI fittings and drivers.

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  • Tree Extension

    Item no.: 100218

    The Tree Extension has two ‘branches’ - up to 50 Tree enabled devices can be connected to each branch, making wiring both easy and flexible.

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  • Internorm Extension

    Item no.: 100232
    Integrate Internorm I-tec ventilation & shading into a Loxone Smart Home
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  • DI Extension

    Item no.: 100283

    With the DI Extension, you can now easily add 20 digital inputs to a Loxone installation.

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  • KNX Extension

    Item no.: 100322

    The KNX Extension enables the integration of up to 500 KNX/EIB group addresses into your Loxone system.  

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  • AI Extension

    Item no.: 100381
    With the AI Extension you extend your Loxone Smart Home by using 4 analog inputs.
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  • AO Extension

    Item no.: 100382
    With the AO Extension you extend your building automation project by using 4 additional analog outputs.
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  • Schueco Extension

    Item no.: 100457
    Integrieren Sie Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart Fenster- & Schiebetüren in die Haus- & Gebäudeautomation von Loxone. Es genügt ein Knopfdruck, um Fenster und sogar große, schwere Schiebeelemente automatisch zu öffnen und auch wieder zu schließen.
    Excl. Tax, excluding shipping